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“Thank you so much for a wonderful tour. We all really enjoyed meeting you and thought you did an excellent job! We want to thank you for being so accommodating and going with the flow . We will definitely recommend you to everyone. If I make it back in the spring with my mom I will be sure to contact you. Best of luck to you. Thanks again .”
- Kathy, George, Cindy and Calvin, October 2011

“Really enjoyed my tour with Paul. He was very knowledgeable and imparted information that I had not heard before. This is the way to explore a new city- not on the commercial tours. Kudos”
- Maureen, Stratford, NJ

“I was in DC for a conference. While on a break, I wanted to walk around the Mall since I hadn’t been to Washington since high school.
Instead, I decided to the the Vice-presidential tour. I’m glad I did.”

- Thom, Columbus, OH

“I visit Washington with my family all the time. We usually go to the normal “tourist” spots. Permanent Tourist in DC showed us DC like we had never seen it before. We learned many new interesting facts about the city.
I would recommend a PTDC tour to anyone.”

- John, Philadelphia, PA

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